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Bible Center Outdoor Classroom



Bible Center Church

Project Date

Spring 2021

Project Scope

Project Management

Project Team

Graham Projects Iandry Randriamandroso Marlana Vassar

Project Description

Bible Center is located in Homewood, a neighborhood that is rich in history and culture. The design for the outdoor classroom celebrates that culture with an art installation on the existing pavement of Fleury Way. The heat applied hardscape coating adds color and vibrancy to the existing way, but also serves as a tool for teaching preschool students about cultural identity.  

Our vision is for the students to have access to daylight which will be provided by a glass overhead door that opens out to Fleury Way.  Teachers will facilitate learning in the new vibrant outdoor space by using custom activity panels that will be designed to teach students about topics such as plant types, photosynthesis, and the food chain. A portable sink has been included in the budget to provide a water source that can be used in the teaching process.

The project is being completed in conjunction with the new Oasis Community Kitchen which is adjacent to the home of the preschool & outdoor Classroom. This work will be completed in Phase 2. 

Studio Volcy a multidisciplinary design and real estate development studio, exists to research, design and develop residential and retail typologies that can be catalysts in shifting the ways that we
approach neighborhood revitalization.

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